Friday, May 11, 2012

>Video Installation at the The Roof, Four Seasons Beirut

Not often you come across funky friends (Thx Rana!) who introduce you to funky clients (Thx Christian!!) who gives you the opportunity to work on the coolest of projects with the funkiest of husbands (Thx Ghass!!)...
More details now: The Roof at the Four Seasons Beirut is a beautiful rooftop (!) lounge with Beirut at its feet... in 3 letters: W.O.W.

They just launched the summer season and they commissioned me to work on an "habillage" of their huge white walls. So I worked on an abstract blue theme with bits of videos and still images. And the plus that film director G.Koteit gave us: we filmed through a mirror in moving water, which gave even more depth to the 2:40 hours of footage we worked on. The last "Thx!" goes to Serena and her patience...

And here's the result of the mood:

To see more you'll have to go find out by yourself and have some drinks at The Roof !


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