Friday, December 21, 2012

> My greeting e-cards 2012

Well just got 2 minutes away from the holiday rush to show you these, just like I did last year!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

>New funky packaging!

I've been sharing art direction and print posts for quite a long time, so I thought why not show you some other stuff as well...
From time to time i am asked to create a new packaging for a product, and this I tell you is really fun work! Of course it should follow the brand guidelines and target but even when it's a casual chic brand like RJ you can have a blast!

Take this for example, it's the latest cylinder box we did for the swimwear collection:

Or this: It's the birthday lunch box of L'Atelier Art Lounge, which is a café and workshop that celebrates arts for all ages...

And last but not least, a project which has not yet seen the light, but I certainly hope it will one day, 'cause it's my favorite: The Champagne bottles of Point Bulles restaurant of chef Karim Haïdar...

Now I know the three projects are very different, but do you recognize my touch in all three? 

Monday, October 22, 2012

> Pages from RJmag 9, the Celtic issue

As announced previously, we shot RJmag 9 in Brittany and I promised I'd show you some pages so here you are... Concept, art direction and styling by myself (Maya Metni!), photography by Imad Elkhoury, along with a great team to help us! Thank you all for making this possible.

Click here to check the whole mag.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

>Breiz, Ma Bro... An ode to Brittany

"Breiz Ma Bro", or rather "Bretagne ma Patrie"/ "Brittany my Home Country"...
Funny thing no? How's a girl from Beirut calling Brittany her Country??...
Don't get me wrong, despite all the mixed feelings, I am still proud to be a Beiruti! But you see, when I call Brittany Home, it is related to deep feeling of serenity and calm and how all fits into place when you actually get home...

It all happened years back when I actually first stepped on the "Granit Rose" rocks of Perros-Guirec. WOW. Breathless, Speechless...
How the wild ocean have sculpted these is simple perfection.
The Lighthouse is there as well to guide you to serendipity.
I was directing a photoshoot last week for RJmag near Guingamp, and i felt like someone introducing his spouse to his family for the time, anxious and eager to see their reaction...
The whole team loved it! There were french models among us who had not set foot there and yet have travelled all around the world: "Funny thing that a girl like you is showing us our country!" they said...
What's there not to love? The nature, the people, the food, the beer, the music..
Long live the Celts!
Some historians say they originally came from the Middle-east, so there you go ;-)

(All photos by Imad ElKhoury)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

> Event branding: From The Heart

It's been quite long since I posted some picks from my portfolio, and it's only 'cause I've been too busy!

I had the chance to work on very challenging projects lately with SANOFI Liban, which included video animations, playlist design and many more. These events were company confidential but I sneaked in 2 or 3 things to show you. 
Below are some artworks for their From The Heart event: Backdrops from the Assembly and Photo-Call wall, CD, & Frame... The logo was hand-drawn and then colored and re-worked on illustrator.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

> Fashion goes Downton Abbey, thus proving my point...

As a sequel to my previous Downton Abbey post, here are the new winter 2012-2013 international campaigns and yes milords & miladies Downton hits again!

First Prada with real actors! William Dafoe, Jamie Bell, Gary Oldman...

Then Ralph Lauren:

Tommy Hilfiger:

And Vuitton:

Simply take a look at these Downton Abbey shots and tell me the inspiration is not direct !?

UPDATE: more than 10 days after I wrote this post, it was announced in the press that Ralph Lauren will be sponsoring Downton! Read all about it here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Downton Abbey: Perfect Art Direction

I do talk about series inspiring fashion on a regular basis, like when madmen hit the catwalk 2-3 years ago, but this time, even if tweed is everywhere the coming winter, I want to talk about more than just fashion.
Indeed Julian Fellowes did a great job. he wrote an impeccable plot, with fascinating characters, historical expertise... And the acting is simply marvelous, the art direction is what I dream to achieve, the lighting, the filming... I tell you this will be _is already!_ a Classic!
I am totally hooked and desperately waiting for season 3 to start.

What could one ask for more? Maybe Hugh Laurie can regain his British accent and join in...

I leave you with a few photos as always:

Read more about the influence of Downton Abbey in fashion here !

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

>Bellissima Toscana... {beautiful tuscany}

Just a few picts from my few days in Tuscany... enjoy the breathtaking views!
All photos ©ghassan koteit


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