Tuesday, May 29, 2012

24 hours in Paris

I just had a quick break in the City of Lights and as usual, here are some new tips!

Do not miss Buren at the Grand Palais even if you only have one hour! It is splendid! All those lights going through the colored circles with amazing shadows...

And the circular mirrors on which you can step and discover the verrière ceiling covered with blue checkers... Cool visual effects for all ages!

Mini break at Mini Palais, the lovely café-restaurant terrace of the Grand Palais:

Also at the Grand Palais: Helmut Newton
I particularly adore those huge Yves Saint Laurent portraits:

The perfect lunch at Passage 53 restaurant, in the historical Passage des Panoramas.
A delight. Point Final!

Voilà... Don't forget to click on those links for more!

Friday, May 11, 2012

>Video Installation at the The Roof, Four Seasons Beirut

Not often you come across funky friends (Thx Rana!) who introduce you to funky clients (Thx Christian!!) who gives you the opportunity to work on the coolest of projects with the funkiest of husbands (Thx Ghass!!)...
More details now: The Roof at the Four Seasons Beirut is a beautiful rooftop (!) lounge with Beirut at its feet... in 3 letters: W.O.W.

They just launched the summer season and they commissioned me to work on an "habillage" of their huge white walls. So I worked on an abstract blue theme with bits of videos and still images. And the plus that film director G.Koteit gave us: we filmed through a mirror in moving water, which gave even more depth to the 2:40 hours of footage we worked on. The last "Thx!" goes to Serena and her patience...

And here's the result of the mood:

To see more you'll have to go find out by yourself and have some drinks at The Roof !

Thursday, May 3, 2012

> Beirut Gems

It's been a while that I didn't share with you my latest finds... Enough work, time for leisure!
3 finds on our list today: to read, to eat and to stay up beat!

To read: FIMP mag
Remember my (Ex!) students that we covered in RJmag?
Well, here they are all grown up with the guts to put on the market a magazine that needed to exist, a magazine that showcases young talents in all fields. Inspired, fresh, well designed... Pure awesomness!

Kisses and congrats to all the team! And here's where you can find FIMP...
And here's the May/June mixtape.
One little note though (can't help it, it's the ex-teacher in me!): 
A lot of people mistook the cover story title for the mag name, because of the choice and size of font... 
And the contributers/credits page could've been a little sexier compared to rest of the mag!

To eat: Yazhou by J & L Pourcel
This has opened a while ago in Abd el Wahab street but I just had the chance to taste it...
Mmmm... Pure awesomness to your palate.
Also, all the walls are covered by Jean Marc Nahas drawings, mega effect!

To stay up beat: B. boutique
This is right under my nose, two meters away from my house! But since I leave very early and come back very late from work I couldn't take a sneak peek... Last saturday I went right in and ... oh joy! Great jewelry designed by Ibrahim elZein, perfect choice of clothes, the place to go if you want to shop for you or a gift to remember...

Voilà! That's all for today's tips... Hope you try them!


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