Tuesday, May 29, 2012

24 hours in Paris

I just had a quick break in the City of Lights and as usual, here are some new tips!

Do not miss Buren at the Grand Palais even if you only have one hour! It is splendid! All those lights going through the colored circles with amazing shadows...

And the circular mirrors on which you can step and discover the verrière ceiling covered with blue checkers... Cool visual effects for all ages!

Mini break at Mini Palais, the lovely café-restaurant terrace of the Grand Palais:

Also at the Grand Palais: Helmut Newton
I particularly adore those huge Yves Saint Laurent portraits:

The perfect lunch at Passage 53 restaurant, in the historical Passage des Panoramas.
A delight. Point Final!

Voilà... Don't forget to click on those links for more!


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