Thursday, January 24, 2013

> New Guide " Beirut Revealed " by Carole Corm

The year ended + the first month of 2013 is well on its way and I even didn't have the time to share this beautiful new guide with you!
325 rich pages by Beirut based journalist and Monocle correspondent, Carole Corm,
& Photographer Nadim Bou Habib.
A little peak at the content proves that it is not your regular basic guide, and even I, the unconditional Beiruti, found many tips!

And there are very interesting contributions about various subjects,
like Gregory Buchakjian's piece about the Beirut Art World:

And Ghassan Koteit's piece about Beirut & Film:

and last but not least ;-) a small contribution by MM ( me!) the foodie, Carole was so generous to include me in the local insights, amidst great Beirut figures like Chef Hussein Hadid, or Rabih Kayrouz to say the least, so I'm really happy and I hope you enjoy my tips!

Click here for the Daily Star's review about the guide.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

> Unleash your inner artist!

This funky place was born because of Aline's passion for arts and crafts, and her dynamic quest for inspiring leisure time for herself, her friends and kids... She couldn’t find what she was looking for, so she created it, the perfect haven for art lovers.
A hobby for starters and now a chain of art lounges & caf├ęs, "L'Atelier Art Lounge" has a strong visual identity (that's where i came along), which you can spot not only on the prints but also on the wall coverings and architecture. Have a look:

A quiet moment for you to paint, an evening with friends, a fun birthday celebration or even art classes? All there: like their page for more.


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