Thursday, November 15, 2012

>New funky packaging!

I've been sharing art direction and print posts for quite a long time, so I thought why not show you some other stuff as well...
From time to time i am asked to create a new packaging for a product, and this I tell you is really fun work! Of course it should follow the brand guidelines and target but even when it's a casual chic brand like RJ you can have a blast!

Take this for example, it's the latest cylinder box we did for the swimwear collection:

Or this: It's the birthday lunch box of L'Atelier Art Lounge, which is a café and workshop that celebrates arts for all ages...

And last but not least, a project which has not yet seen the light, but I certainly hope it will one day, 'cause it's my favorite: The Champagne bottles of Point Bulles restaurant of chef Karim Haïdar...

Now I know the three projects are very different, but do you recognize my touch in all three? 


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