Wednesday, February 20, 2013

> restaurant identity: The Hangout Beirut

I recently had the chance to work on an interesting project: the visual identity of the yummy place I now hangout in all the time ;-) _ The Hangout !

First this is the logo:
...inspired by this lovely detail in the wrought-iron shed:

Here's a look at the inside of this beautiful mediterranean house:

I worked on the prints of course,

and on the art direction of the food picts,

And last but not least, on the facebook communication that you can follow here, which is really interactive & smart, + it enhances our heritage in a fun way...

So next time you're in Beirut, be sure to check out The Hangout: ask for the Gourmet Burger and a glass of Ch√Ęteau Qanafar, you'll thank me later...


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