Friday, March 30, 2012

HORECA: Best Stand Competition Review

It was very interesting and so much fun to be in the Horeca 2012 Jury for the Best Stand Competition!

We were: Rana Nasr from Bleu Design Consultants, Malek Salamé, talented architect, and myself for the branding and visual comunication. We reviewed every stand thouroughly, checking the first impression, how does it appeal to you, the general concept, the architecture & volumes, and finally the branding: Is the brand identity present? Is the stand in synergy with its guidelines? etc..

There were 3 categories: Best Stand, Best Small Stand and Best Branded Stand.

Nominees for Best Branded Stand:

>Taanayel Les Fermes


> and Sohat

AND THE WINNER was:  Taanayel, very welcoming stand & staff, charming farm design and brand identity 100% there.

Nominees for Best Small Stand:


> BimPos who really had a very technical product, yet they displayed it in a very nice way

>and La Rose Noire , my picts are of poor quality, but it was a very elegant small stand with a beautiful display, eye candy really.

AND THE WINNER was: Lavazza ! Very intelligent space conception, beautiful espresso-cup tables and all the Italian Spirit in the picture wall...

Nominees for Best Stand:

>KFF alcoholic drinks for the nightclub mood

>IXSIR wine, "the answer is within"... Very Sleek Original Design

>and Prunelle of course, who was the people's choice ;-)

AND THE WINNER was: Prunelle! Smart choice of materials, nice color palette, good branding... However Rana, Malek and me would like to point out that it was not a matter of size, it could've been 50% smaller and we would have liked to see more real bakers and less wax figures...

Congrats to all and good luck for next year! And remember, an original idea is much better than a huge budget...


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