Tuesday, December 14, 2010

>Yasmine Fares Jewelry: the invitation is public!

Yasmine is a friend who designs gorgeous jewelry, minimalist pure lines, just as we like them! I worked on the logo & image of her brand as well as the art direction of her photo shoots.

Here are a few words with her to let you know more about her world...

SbyM: Yasmine, how did you start your career in Jewelry designing? Can you tell us a bit about your achievements?

Y: I actually did not start my career as a jewelry designer, I am an architect. And whenever I had a break between two jobs or two clients, I absentmindedly drew recurring sketches... And those little sketches inspired the fundamental lines of my collection today.

SbyM: A few words about your collection?

Y: My designs are all about interlacing lines, horizontal lines, vertical lines... exactly like architecture: the ever interfering traces of man in the urban landscape... two worlds always mixing, sometimes with passion and some other times with serenity...

Voila! You have two days only to be the lucky holder of one of her pieces, so hurry up!


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