Wednesday, March 21, 2007

>happy mother's day!

First post, first day of spring!
A nice day to be re-born...
Check the cool ceramics I did for my mum:
hand painted wine coolers (or vases!)
When I saw the final result I wanted to keep them for myself,
but hey what's life without sacrifice?!
Cheers mum!


Nigerianette said...

you know you can fill these vases with coloured wax... & you'll have beautiful candles in personal vases that say "mom you protect me, help me grow & you light up my way" :o)

MAYA said...

ieww.... gross!
Oops you were serious?

Nigerianette said...

hehe serious about the candle not about the quote :o)

Walla i miss you MK!

So any new creative ideas in Pomme S these days.

Did I ever tell you that the wedding cards were a big hit? :o)

can I post pictures here?


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