Thursday, May 26, 2011

>So what did you think of Jay Jay?

Jay Jay? You know, Jermanos Jermanos, the new character by Fadi Raidy, star of the Cornelli ads?? Well, personally........ I liiiiike it !!! (i mean him;-)

Seriously, not often we come across a well-thought of campaign in Lebanon:

>The billboards (will post a pict of those soon) look fresh and nice, good composition, the photos of JayJay are nicely taken and well-lit. In a jungle of ugly billboards and bad pictures this is definitely refreshing!!!

>The character and the TV ads : What can say about Fady? Well as Jessica Rabbit says: He makes me laugh!.. He depicts so well the Lebanese clich√©! All his previous characters were a hit but this one is definitely my favorite. C'mon we all have an "ameurkaynayyyyyy" cousin, don't we?

So to sum it up, this is an ad to which every Lebanese relates, regardless which side of town they live in ;-) The production is well done, and the visual identity is neat too...

Bravo JayJay & Cornelli! Who's with me?

#update: look at the buzz on facebook in 30 minutes only:

#update 2: AND.. here's a pict of one of the billboards courtesy of Beirut Drive-By:


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