Sunday, May 13, 2007

>family portraits

That would be me and gus by our 5 years old daughter chloe...
Now why the sun shines on me and not him, and why does he have spiky yellow hair, and why am I a full portrait and he's just a head...
I don't know. All I can say is I love those drawings (!) and the resemblance is quite accurate. No?


Fernando Olmos said...

Do you have spanish-speaker's friends? Cool
Most of mine are :P hehe. Although I've some friends whom speak french, korean, german and other languages too, but i just can speak spanish, english, a bit of french, italian and some words in greenlandic.
My regards

let's keep in touch
bye bye

Anonymous said...

its not spikey yellow hair, its a crown.

MAYA said...

anonymous reveal yourself!!
Or shall I say "Your Majesty"...?

Antoine said...

I liked it very much.

myrna said...

parait que le plus important ds un dessin d'enfant c'est de le laisser s'exprimer à propos de ses dessins (dixit F. Dolto)
donc: why not ask Cloclo?


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